Terms & Policies

Terms & Policies

All we wanted to do was to create a web site where all booklovers would come together. However our lawyers insisted we display these conditions for safety!

1. License to display copyrighted material

Author uploading his/her book to booksvirtual.com website grants booksvirtual.com and its affiliates and subsidiaries (site) the non-exclusive and worldwide license to store, use, and transmit, his/her book (the work) in electronic form. That means we do not limit you in any way to seek other avenues to publish or distribute your work in other forms.

The person uploading the book to web site (user) or the author declares that he/she is the rightful copyright owner of the book.

If user is not the author of the book you declare the book does not infringe any copyrights and the copyright on the book has expired.

2. Payments and fees

No payment of any royalties will be made to author for displaying their work. Author does not need to pay any fees to site for displaying their work. It is free service to be shared by all.

3. Intellectual property

All information contained in this website and other language versions of this web site is copyright protected. Information contained may not be used without the written consent of booksvirtual.com and its affiliates. The content on the Site, including the text, images, photos, logos and messages in bulletin boards and forums, (the 'Content'), is owned by booksvirtual.com or its licensors. Except for fair use under the Copyright Act, you may not use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce this Content without the written consent of booksvirtual.com or the relevant licensor. The software that operates the Site is proprietary software and you must not copy, reverse engineer or modify it.

4. Posting comments and uploading books: Contents

booksvirtual.com does not control the content of comments, bulletin boards, discussion groups or books. It reserves the right to delete or edit comments at its discretion and to terminate access to or use of the Service. As well as these rules, you must comply with the rules posted for any particular discussion group or forum. You may not:

  • post a comment in a forum or bulletin board or discussion group that is off topic, contains advertising or is considered 'spam';
  • publish any Content containing financial advice or recommendations regarding securities; as well as any content that promotes advertising products or services of any sort.
  • publish anything defamatory, indecent, threatening, misleading or otherwise containing illegal content; or
  • publish anything which invades personal privacy, is indecent or obscene, incites violence, violates copyright or
  • publish anything containing a virus or code designed to interrupt the Site.

By posting any comment to the Site, you licence booksvirtual.com to reproduce, modify or distribute that Content in any form and you waive any moral rights that you may have in that Content. booksvirtual.com may remove any book and its user that it believes infringes above conditions.


5. Respect for the Community

booksvirtual.com postings are provided for free to you in all categories. We ask you use this service reasonably, and respect the rights of others. In particular, posting the same comment or book more than once (ie spamming) is unreasonable, particularly so if it is in an inappropriate category. Please, use your common sense. booksvirtual.com is for sharing with others. We will be the sole arbiter of what is reasonable use, and may remove some or all of your books and comments, and in some cases, ban you from our site if we are forced to investigate.

6. Termination

Once approved booksvirtual.com will endeavour to show your work for an unlimited time in electronic form. However booksvirtual.com may decide to discontinue displaying this work at any time and for any reason and is not obliged to give a notice for its decision.

booksvirtual.com may with or without notice to you and at its discretion terminate your access to all or part of the Site without the need to provide reasons.

7. Disclaimer of liability

booksvirtual.com is not liable to you for any loss or damage incurred by you arising out of your use of the Site or contents, whether direct, consequential, special, indirect or other loss or damage. booksvirtual.com liability to you is limited to the re-supply of the Service to you at its option.

8. No warranty

booksvirtual.com provides the Service and the Site 'as is' and without any express or implied warranties. booksvirtual.com makes no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of the Content on the Site or any third-party site linked from the Site. Users should satisfy themselves through their own enquiries as to the condition or suitability of any book or comment offered. booksvirtual.com excludes all liability to users for loss or damages arising from Content posted on the Site. All warranties of any kind are excluded to the extent permitted by law. Due to factors outside its control, booksvirtual.com does not guarantee uninterrupted, error-free or secure access to the Site.

9. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify booksvirtual.com and its related companies and officers from any claims and expenses (including legal costs) related to:

(i) your use of the Site or the Service;

(ii) any Content posted by you or others; or

(iii) your breach of these terms.

(iv) content uploaded by members that breach copyrights.

10. Privacy

The site will not share or sell any member information to any other third party unless it is a government agency authorised to access such information. Furthermore our staff and outside employees commissioned by the site to carry out work on their behalf may have access to this data.

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